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Jonathan Gunson
Jonathan Gunson
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Welcome! Traffic is the powerhouse of an online business, but most website owners find it extremely hard to generate. So I set up the Traffic Café in 2009 to help internet entrepreneurs get all the website traffic they need, without all the complications.

In other words, traffic… made simple.

I call it the Traffic Café, because a Café is a meeting place where real connections are formed.  Connections are the driving force of successful marketing, and include our trusted relationships with customers, JV partners and marketers alike.

Let me help you get traffic

I’ve been using traffic tactics to drive massive numbers of website visitors for over 10 years, including the tactics I used to promote my bestseller book which earned over $5 million at retail.

As marketing director, I’ve also built the sales of a Health IT company to over $12 million in less than 3 years using internet marketing tactics. And my offline advertising clients have included Nescafé and Coca-Cola with multi-million dollar promotional budgets.

The Merlin Mystery - Coca Cola - Nescafe

But the internet business that transcends them all is the Traffic Café.
Why? Because it’s genuinely ‘me’.

I mention this because it’s vitally important for your own business:

Being successful online with a personalised blog and email business requires authenticity. And this can only be achieved by invoking the potent uniqueness of YOU.

In my own case, I’ve been a coffee devotee for my entire life. I constantly meet friends at our local café, and hand-make espresso each day for myself and my wife.

When we travel, we take time to visit cafés right around the world, and have even been to the famous Van Gogh Café in Arles, France that was painted by Vincent Van Gogh….

Cafe Van Gogh

Van Gogh painting

The bottom line is that the sensory magic of a café comes naturally to me. I don’t have to fake it, like putting on a badly-fitting pair of borrowed shoes. If fact, if you shoehorn yourself into someone else’s idea instead of being yourself, you’ll find it very hard to sustain.

How do you start to build traffic and grow a business online?

Let me shed some light by revealing how the Traffic Café began.

The Traffic Café idea burst into life during café meetings I had with business friends in 2007. I bartered website traffic tips for espresso and donuts. The meetings were dubbed “traffic on caffeine”. Man did they get good value!

Coffee + DonutTrouble is they began to invite others, and the group became very large, noisy and unruly.

I was also starting to climb the walls with the endless espresso. But it was worth it, because in a light-bulb moment one day, I realised how popular it could be if I put the entire idea online instead.

Even more exciting was that “theming” a blog as an online café with traffic tips had never been done before. It meant I could continue to help home-based entrepreneurs, but on a far larger scale.

The idea caught fire, and in October 2008 I shelled out $1000 for the trafficcafe.com domain name, and… voila! The Traffic Café was born. The blog was officially launched in January 2009 as a weekly TV channel. I even built a café set to film the episodes, with a neon sign and espresso.

Jonathan Gunson + Mark Joyner

Screen shot in the studio – having fun with guest internet marketer, “Simple-ology” guru Mark Joyner.

Then… the traffic went mad

The Traffic Café site started to receive an increasingly large number of visitors every day, with a big flow of “How Do I Get Traffic?” questions building up in the comments, and a TON of email queries.

While this may sound like a good problem to have, I was overwhelmed with all the administration. So in late 2010 I changed the site to Private Membership to be manageable, and also maximise the revenue for a period, with a relatively small number of high-paying client members.

Now I’ve “gone public” again, back to my roots, but this time with scalable systems in place. Once again website owners can learn how to get all the traffic they need, the easy way.

Welcome to the Traffic Café™ – Traffic Made Simple


Welcome to the Traffic Cafe - Serving Traffic Tips Since 2009
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